ODBC WriteNow is a MYOB Interface tool, designed to offer a stable, fast read, write access to MYOB. It mirrors the ODBC interface that MYOB Premier offers. Developers can use ODBC WriteNow to interface their current applications to Account Right.

ODBC WriteNow began its journey when MYOB released its cloud version, known as Account Right.

Development History

Accede Holdings Pty Ltd, who are the developers of ODBC WriteNow, have been MYOB Developers for many years and have created multiple solutions for MYOB Premier clients.

When Account Right was released, some of Accede’s clients who used the ODBC wanted to move to the cloud version.  We found that the standard Import Export of Text information would not fulfill these clients needs.  We also found the API too slow and difficult to move the clients from an ODBC environment.  So, we tried all of the current ODBC options available under the MYOB Application area. None of them offered a stable, fast, read, write option for our clients.

We also had created a new product which needed to use a fast interface to Account RIght, called CRM-MAP.com We had  written a fast, stable read write interface using the MYOB API.  This interface does just what our clients wanted.  So, we decided to offer this tool to the general market. We hope other clients and developers can save time and money using ODBC WriteNow.

ODBC WriteNow was released as a tool to the Market in April 2017.

Some examples on how to use ODBC WriteNow refer to the existing premier ODBC.  This should allow developers who have created applications using the MYOB ODBC to easily transfer their clients from Premier to Account Right.


If you feel there is any area we could or should add to this product, please email us and we will look into this very promptly.