ODBC WriteNow Features

ODBC WriteNow will help you tap into your MYOB resources and sync your data effortlessly, with the ability to read, write and edit both to and from your system and your MYOB Account Right quickly and effectively.

ODBC WriteNow will easily fit where you used your MYOB ODBC with your application. This tool will allow you to perform the same functions, and you can update your existing MYOB data.

Here are all the areas of MYOB we have already synced with ODBC WriteNow:

For Developers

MYOB Online TableMYOB ODBC TableReadWriteEdit
CustomerCustomer Cards
SupplierSupplier Cards
Service OrderService Sales
Service Order LinesService Sales
Service SalesService Sales
Service Sales LinesService Sales
Service PurchaseService Purchases
Service Purchase LinesService Purchases
EmployeeEmployee Cards
TransactionsMiscellaneous Sales
Sales OrderMiscellaneous Purchases
Customer PaymentsReceive Payments
Customer Payment LinesReceive Payments
Purchase OrdersMiscellaneous Purchases
Purchase BillMiscellaneous Sales
Service BillService Sales
Service Bill LinesService Sales
Sales Order ItemService Purchases
Sales Order Item Lines
Service Purchases
Sales Service OrderService Sales
Sales Service Order LinesService Sales
Transaction JournalsGeneral Ledger
Transaction Journal LinesGeneral Ledger
Ledger AccountsGeneral Ledger
* If there is an area you wish to see included. Please contact us as we would love to keep improving this tool.

You will note that Service Purchases and Service sales have write in some areas and not in others. AccountRight has different table layouts, where in MYOB Premier ODBC, it was purely a flag difference. This situation is the case in many areas of difference between the two products.